Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

Restaurants to Rescue You from your Cravings

Eating out has always been a joyful way for most people to destress and enjoy savoring different cultures through food. Whether it is dining out with your fambam or having your own “me-time” guilty pleasures, creating beautiful memories with delicious food is indeed worth investing in. That’s why restaurants and food establishments pop up around the metro. Because Filipinos love to eat. I love to bring my love ones around malls, feed them delicious food, and just bond with them. 

However, because of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, all of us have no choice but to order online via the delivery courier and eat inside our homes, lockdown under community quarantine. And food establishments are now under strict compliance of not allowing “dine-in transactions” inside their restaurants. 

On the brighter side, because of technology and fast-paced customer service, our cravings can easily deliver in our doorsteps with the use of smartphones and high-speed internet. What we can do is just order using a mobile app/ call a delivery hotline, choose your cravings, and wait for your food to be delivered. For some, for the safety of our Frontliners, the take-out option is still permissible for you to bring your food and eat wherever you are. 

So to help you get the right cravings that based on your mood, here are some suggestions I can give for you to get the right restaurants and food to munch during this quarantine period:

Food for the Lonely/Sad

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

Food is indeed a good comfort blanket for those lonely times while you’re inside your house, missing your love ones. It’s the right craving fix that will help you cope up with times of loneliness and longing for the outside world. 

The best restaurants that can give you love and comfort-filled dishes are Gong Cha, Happy Lemon, Frankies, BonChon, Chowking, and Banapple. 

Food for the chill and work-at-home vibe.

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

Whether you’re a freelancer or work-at-home, a good fair of coffee and pastries is an awesome boost to keep you going and get those creative juice coming. Since working inside your comfort zone makes us lazy and complacent, we need something to keep us awake and active during “siesta” and boring times. 

Coffee shops like Starbucks, Bo’s Coffee, Botejyu Cafe, Coffee Project, and Figaro are the best place to get the right caffeine and sugar fix. 

Food for the Fambam/Friends Food Trips (Quarantine Lockdown Edition).

Food is best shared with the people you love the most. And there’s no greater feeling than the feeling of not being alone at home. Since all of us are commanded to stay at home for our safety, a nice food trip with our family and friends inside the comfort of our homes is the best way to ease those blues away. 

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

Take outs and delivery from restaurants like Pizza Hut, Alberto’s Pizza, Andok’s Chicken, Angel’s Pizza, Brooklyn’s New York Pizza, Handuraw Pizza, Baliwag Grill and Chicken, Chowking, and ChopStop. 

Food for the Fambam/Friends Food Trips (After Quarantine Lockdown Edition).

When all these lockdowns and COVID-19 pandemic are over, a food trip celebration outside is the best way to re-welcome ourselves in the outside world. Celebrate the missed birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and whatever occasions that are canceled because of the lockdown is something I really miss doing with my family and friends.

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

The restaurants that I miss visiting (and I would like to eat out after the lockdown) are 1st Colonial Grill, 24 Chicken, 10 Dove Confectionery, Agave Mexican Cantina, Big Guys Pizza, Bigby’s, Binalot, Mary Grace, Cafe Racer Diner, and Denny’s 

Filipino Food for the BIG APPETITE.

Eat out in a buffet and Filipino restaurants are the best activity to do with your “balikbayan” relatives and friends. There’s nothing more home feels than what Filipino dishes can bring to everyone who’s homesick. And it’s the best way to introduce our culture to our “millennial” balikbayans. 

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

I recommend these restaurants: Above Sea Level, Cabalen, Chika-an, Casa Verde, Gerry’s Grill, Bacolod Chicken Inasal, Bench Cafe, and Adobo Connection. Promise, your balikbayan and foreigner friends will be both fulfilled and educated at the same time as you feed them with Filipino food. 

Food for the SWEET TOOTH Cravings.

Lastly, the saying “leave some room for desserts” is one of the quotes I love to keep. Having your sweet tooth fixed after a nice dinner is my ultimate food trip experience. Even at times, the feeling like I’m craving for something sweet and comforting during stressful/lonely mood really got both my emotions and budget unguarded. 

Teacher Eats: Restaurants to Rescue You from Your Cravings

Right now, I’m craving for Dairy Queen, JCO, Coco, Dakasi, and Dunkin Donuts. I hope I’m not the only one who’s feeling the same cravings. 

So yes! I just make you hungry with this blog post. The question is: how on earth am I gonna order my fave food CASHLESS? That’s where GCash comes in the picture of saving us with our cravings. Cashless payments via “Scan-to-pay” QR Code feature and online transactions are one of the best superpowers of GCash app. With that, we can still order our favorite food safely and conveniently. 

So if you’re looking for the restaurants to rescue you from your cravings – Needed something to comfort you? Are you craving for some coffee or pizza? Or maybe your appetite is telling you to have some good delicious Chinese food party. Here are restaurants that can surely satisfy your cravings. And GCash will be your best food ally to help you with your cravings. Bon Appétit 

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