Teacher Insights: How to Help Filipinos Create Sustainable Financial Education

Teacher Insights: How to Help Filipinos Create Sustainable Financial Education

The heart of a teacher is always grounded in these things: to teach students lifelong lessons, mold their knowledge and skills, and be the second parent that gives guidance and purpose to their lives. Being an educator for 5 years, I believe with all the lessons available in our curriculum, there are some life-long skills that everyone should learn: financial education.

Financial education is slowly getting to our social media feeds. Yet, people are still having a hard time applying the principles of financial freedom to their daily money decisions. I’d seen new employees every year not fully aware what to do with their salaries, ended up not having any form of life savings for themselves. I also saw some teachers like me not having proper retirement and money discipline due to their expenses and responsibilities.

That’s why I’m grateful that BDO Foundation (BDOF), the corporate social responsibility arm of BDO Unibank, Inc. they invited me for their financial education conference for me to learn more about their advocacies and programs they built towards financial inclusion. During the talk of BDOF President Mr. Mario Deriquito with Ali Sotto as host, I was enlightened and impressed on the following advocacies they’re implementing:

Teacher Insights: How to Help Filipinos Create Sustainable Financial Education

See the below video clip of the conference here:

  • Strong Financial Education Subject for Students

When it comes to financial management, it’s better to start teaching our young generation while it’s early. It helps mold their character building and social responsibility. With what BDO Foundation Inc. initiatives, they’re creating comprehensive study materials for students to learn and apply these lessons. For the teachers, they’re also have teaching materials provided for them, so they will able to teach financial education to students like savings, money management, and more.

Sharing this worth watching DEP-ED -BDO Foundation- BSP Partnership: video sample close to my heart as a teacher as the contestant.

  • Partnership with different Government Agencies towards Financial Inclusion

BDO Foundation also partnered w/ government agencies like Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Phil. Army and OWWA to reach important sectors of the society. This aims to lead them towards good money management and wise decision making with all their financial resources.

For soldiers at Philippine Army, BDO Foundation (BDOF) was able to give recruits, newly promoted officers, senior officers, civilian personnel and their families lessons on saving, budgeting, loans, debt management, entrepreneurship, investing and retirement planning. These lessons will bring more dignity and empowerment for our soldiers to be financially literate. For I believe that you can serve our country better if you are financially free from any debt or loss.

With all the BDOFs initiatives thought leadership and social impact, they’re aiming to create a strong change in our society when it comes to advocating financial literacy and inclusion. Which is part of my heart and advocacy as well as an educator. So I concluded that these programs BDOF giving to our fellow Filipinos are worth emulating for the long haul.

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