Teacher Insights: Women Empowerment starts here at “OWN YOUR FUTURE. Women Next: Accelerating Tomorrow to Now”

Do you have what it takes to lead? Are you strong and wise enough to make big decisions? What makes you a capable leader compared to others? These are the common questions I usually hear from people when I ask for a higher position in my previous company job (before I venture to teach.) I felt a bit awful with those questions at first, make me feel low about myself. But in a broader perspective, I realized that when a woman like me asked those provocative questions, it’s not just a matter of mere criticism. It’s a “TEST of character” for us, making us evaluate ourselves.

I didn’t grow up with a good women perspective. My father once told me that I will be a “homemaker/wife” when I enter at the right age, not a teacher, not a boss in a company, not a leader. And this stigma is not the only factor in this wrong mindset against women. In fact, The World Economic Forum predicts that the gender gap will not close entirely until the year 2186. That’s 169 years from now — and that is just unacceptable. Is there any hope for any of us women to even have a leadership position and gender-equality before 2186 ends?


Good thing that our “wonder women” here in the Philippines, led by Filipina CEO Circle and Management Association of the Philippines created a forum that hopes to create a more gender-inclusive world for women to drive change through leadership and through entrepreneurship.


“OWN YOUR FUTURE. Women Next: Accelerating Tomorrow to Now,” was made for women in different walks of life to equip and empower them to be a catalyst for change, not just in the workforce, but in our society as well. Their initiative is to further enhance the full potentials of women workers for them not be intimidated aiming for higher positions at companies, businesses, and even government. For further events, they aim to create programs, seminars, and future conferences that can help women and men create diversity and human dynamics towards success and change.


In other concepts, they hope that through these initiatives, it will gradually end the constant battle against stereotype to women and break the image of negative feminism. To encourage women to be more assertive and take initiatives to go forward with their lives. To be fair to men, they want to motivate men to be “champions” for women and be a good companion of change. With it, it will create a sound environment for women against violence and harassment.


For more details about the conference, just visit their Facebook page of Filipina CEO Circle www.facebook.com/FilipinaCEOCircle/ and let’s create a strong movement for women towards success and change.

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