Teacher’s Reflection: How Financially “Healthy” is your Heart?

Teacher's Reflection: How Financially "Healthy" is your Heart?

Is your heart healthy? Us Millenials don’t usually ask this question in regards to our heart’s health. And I’m not talking about romantic feelings or any metaphors. Our heart is considered as one of the major internal organs in the human body. And just like what our doctors said, this muscle needs some T.L.C (tender, loving, care) as well.


Recently, the Department of Health concluded that the most common cause of death for Filipinos are “HEART-RELATED.” 33% of the deaths related to Non-Communicable Diseases attributed to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, hypertension, and diabetes. And it doesn’t need to be hereditary. For this generation, our lifestyle choice can be a very big trigger for us to have an unhealthy heart. Here are as follows:

  • Poor diet (too salty, too fatty/cholesterol, and processed food are included)
  • Lack of Daily Exercise
  • Smoking and (Excess) Alcohol Drinking
  • Stressful and polluted environment
Teacher's Reflection: How Financially "Healthy" is your Heart?

So these poor lifestyle choices can lead us to many bad cases: overweight, poor blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and many heart diseases that you can imagine.

What’s the big deal with our heart?

So what if our heart is not healthy? If you will look closely, having heart issues is also a FINANCIAL ISSUE. An estimated amount of PHP 500,000 and more is being paid by a person who has cardiovascular disease (for surgery alone). And with the advancement of our medical technology, more hospital wages are rising higher, making it so hard to have holistic health care for a Filipino employee.

Teacher's Reflection: How Financially "Healthy" is your Heart?

It’s indeed heartbreaking because many Filipino families lose their life savings and properties because of the medical payments they have to shoulder. And this has been a never-ending stigma for most Filipinos, isn’t it? But it doesn’t need to be our destiny.

How to Prepare your Heart Financially?

Now you know the hard consequences and costs of heart diseases, it’s now time to share this “3 PINPOINTS” towards financially-free heart:

  1. STOP
    Stop the things that will harm your heart for the long run. Whether it’s cigarette smoking, poor food choices or stressful environment, you have to make good choices for your heart to remain healthy till’ old age. List down the things that make your blood sugar/ blood pressure unstable and make a diligent move to stop. Surely your “future-self” will thank you soon.
  2. START
    Steep medical costs may be inevitable and part of our lives, but there are modest ways to cope with heart disease that are easy on the mind and easy on the wallet. START and CREATE A SUITABLE PLAN that will prepare your heart financially.

Sun Life Financial, the no.1 insurance company in the Philippines, has a plan called “Sun Life Fit and Well” and it’s been the most comprehensive health plan ever in the market. This health+insurance plan can cover 136 major and minor critical illness. And the confidence that this plan can give is it can cover the holistic healthcare that you need: Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Prevention (with perks).

Teacher's Reflection: How Financially "Healthy" is your Heart?
Photo courtesy via Sun Life PH.

The best part is it’s CASH BENEFITS. You heard it right! “Sun Life Fit and Well” might be a traditional health insurance plan, but it can do wonders to your retirement years with its endowments, dividends, and cash benefits. It only means one thing: healthy heart+financial freedom= happy retirement!

    Let’s join activities and projects that promote “heart care” awareness. Continue to set a good example to others. Make a healthy habit by having a healthy lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, people are recommended to have at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 times a week, or at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise thrice a week. So even a simple jog at the park, walking 10,000 steps daily, and decluttering your home can create a good impact on our heart.
Teacher's Reflection: How Financially "Healthy" is your Heart?

In conclusion, It’s all about PREPARATION. The way you prepare financially today will determine the future of your heart. Stop, start and continue to live a brighter life free from financial burden and loss. Because indeed, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.” Let’s make our heart medically and financially healthy this year.

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