CIMB Bank Philippines’ Share Simple choices so we can make daily to honor Earth Day

CIMB Bank Philippines

CIMB Bank Philippines celebrates Earth Day this April 22 and they aims to take positive action for the environment every day. In line of the celebration, they shares some simple yet helpful day-to-day choices we can make to do our part:

CIMB Bank Philippines

Buy clothes only when you need to. A study by Germany-based data gathering company Statista showed that many buy clothes they never wear. If you’re one of them, try to only buy clothes when you really need to, to lessen the clutter you have at home and the potential garbage you create when you eventually dispose of old garments. You can also buy from secondhand stores or ukay-ukays.

Be water-wise. All life depends on water, making it a valuable yet finite resource. With 1 in 3 people still without access to safe drinking water, let’s be more responsible with our use of water. We can do our part through simple steps, like taking quicker showers and or even something as simple as using a glass while brushing our teeth instead of letting the faucet run.

Learn to do simple repairs. While it can be tempting to just buy new things when something breaks, it is also best to see if it can be repaired first. A study found that repairable goods account for 35 million tons of waste in the European Union alone. Learning how to do simple repairs like sewing and DIY skills like painting or fixing leaks can help give possessions a new lease on life.

Go digital and bank sustainably. Another choice we make is to go paperless and lessen our carbon footprint by opting for digital banking. CIMB Bank Philippines is a pioneer in digital banking in the Philippines and allows its customers to easily transact directly on the CIMB mobile app. By going paperless for day-to-day banking needs, the negative impact on forests is lessened. Without the need for branches to operate and with its customers not having to commute to a branch, there is significantly less carbon footprint, less energy and fuel use, and absolutely zero contribution to air pollution.

Opening a CIMB account is simple and takes less than five minutes. Download the CIMB Bank Philippines app on the App Store or on Google Play. To learn more about CIMB Bank Philippines, visit cimbbank.com.ph.

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