Godel Chocolate Giving Filipinos a Delicious Bean to Farm Cocoa Experience

Godel Chocolate

Godel Chocolate is now giving us the best local quality chocolates that are fresh and delicious, from bean to bar. Using their high-tech machines courtesy of Vesmach, the company is now venturing to sweeter pastures and giving us more reason to love our locally produced cocoa. 

Godel Chocolate

This week, we had a chance to visit their chocolate factory and experienced how they meticulously made their chocolates from scratch to bar; all authentic in taste and texture. 

The Godel Chocolate Process: Bean to Bar

Godel guides us to their step-by-step procedure on how to make their chocolate. They’re using local cacao beans produced by the farmers of South Cotabato and other provincial areas in the Philippines. Godel partnered with local farmers and avail cacao pods from the farm straight to the factory.

Godel Chocolate

From fermenting the cacao pods to packaging, they carefully ship every product to maintain the best quality of the beans. And the quality control doesn’t stop there. For Godel is following strict procedures on making every cacao seeds into bars of chocolate: 

Quality Control

Godel makes sure that every cacao bean they use is in good shape and fit for refining. For it is said that bad quality beans can affect the flavor and quality of the chocolates. 

Godel Chocolate


The staff sorted every cacao bean and separate them based on their condition, moisture content, and more. They throw the rejected batch of beans and use the good ones for making cocoa. 

Godel Chocolate

Other procedures are also followed by these step-by-step methods:

Godel Chocolate
  • Roasting
  • Cracking
  • Winnowing
  • Refining
  • Conching
  • Tempering and Dosing
  • Cooling
  • Chocolate Ware
  • Chocolatier/Baker
  • Packaging
Godel Chocolate

Bean to Bar: The Godel Chocolate Variants

Godel Chocolate

After the tour, we were able to have a taste test and experience what Godel Chocolate has to offer. They gave us a taste of their following Godel Chocolate variants, and it is indeed good in quality. They have chocolate bars based on the cocoa mass and authentic ingredients: 

Godel Chocolate
  • Bean to Bar Chocolates (70%/50%/50% Milk Chocolates) – PHP 100/100g and PHP 
  • Tablea (28 pcs x 9g) – PHP 180 (Sweetened) and PHP 240 (100% Cocoa Mass)
  • Cacao Tea – PHP 100 (Loose Leaf 100g) and PHP 130 (Tea Bags 10 x 5g)
  • Cacao Nibs – PHP 240 (250g) and PHP 45 (40g)

Other than the classic, they also have the Godel Creations where they serve special confections made with Godel Chocolate.

Godel Chocolate
  • Hot Chocolate Bomb with Marshmallows (PHP 85)
  • Stir-in Hot Chocolate (PHP 70)
  • Milk Chocolate Almonds (PHP 215)
  • Milk Chocolate with Cashews (PHP 75)
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate (PHP 75)
  • 50% Chocolate with Nibs (PHP 75)

And if you’re fancy and want to send gifts that are sweet and authentic, they also have Godel Gift boxes consists of their classic chocolates, tablea, and more. 

For more inquiries and orders, visit their social media platforms and website: 

And for their baking equipment, tools, and chocolatier experience, visit Vesmach accounts:

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