Lingap Leads Foundation in Providing Holistic and Better Opportunities for Farmers have Better Life

Lingap Leads Foundation

Lingap Leads Foundation won this year. But most importantly, the farmers won more as they finally had a care group that helped them have a quality of life. As they continue to strengthen their advocacy and make their voice heard by the government, the foundation continues to create programs to uplift the lives of farmers. 

During their recent event called “Harvesting Reverence,” we were invited by the foundation to experience the life of a farmer, learn how to process rice from farm to table, and acknowledge the programs and advocacies of the foundation to have a helping aid for our beloved farmers. 

The introduction of the event starts with all participants learning how to be a “magsasaka” (rice farmer) for an hour and have first-hand work in the field. Moved on that deep soil and learning how to walk and work like a farmer feels so humbling and heart-warming. Just walking in their shoes for a moment makes it an eye-opening experience for everyone on how lowly treated and underappreciated our farmers are. It is true that “magtanim ay di biro, araw-araw nakayuko…”

Lingap Leads Foundation
Lingap Leads Foundation

They also show their big rice milling machine where it can produce more than fifties of sack of rice for a day. This gave farmers more access for better quality of rice and milling it to a machine faster and efficient.

Lingap Leads Foundation

That’s where the foundation came in. Lingap Leads Foundation provides programs and services that help our farmers and fishermen have a helping hand with their agricultural, financial, and medical needs; aiming to provide a healthy, safe, and broader quality of life for them. As a CSR Initiative of Malveda Holdings Corporation, their goal is to redefine the way society views and supports farmers. 

As of today, they have launched several medical/dental missions, scholarship programs, and livelihood projects in different regions across the country. They provided several events that aimed to strive for their overall welfare and prosperity. During the Harvesting Reverence event, they briefly share some of the programs they launched within the past 3 years: 

Lingap Leads Foundation

1. Lakbay Kalusugan – the program aims to make quality healthcare accessible by delivering free diagnostic test packages to underserved areas through medical and dental missions.

2. Angat Pinoy – A scholarship program is given to the farmers’ children so they can continue their studies and succeed with their families.

3. Social EnterpRICE– A program that helps farmers financially under the Harvesting Reverence Program. This gives the farmers free access to Leads Agriventure’s premium Jackpot rice seeds. The harvested crops will be sold at a higher price rate than the commercial market rate, and then sold in public for 65 pesos/kg. This seed variety not only ensures larger yields but also guarantees the production of premium-quality rice. 

4. Planet CPR – This program aims to make a positive environmental impact through diverse projects, fostering sustainable practices like their “Pass-it Plastic” initiative that promotes proper waste management and recycling.  

We were also able to listen to various speakers like Lingap Leads Executive Director Dr Angelique Malveda and Radyo CSR Executive Producer and Co-Anchor Max Ventura, as they lauded the LEADS Group for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. They stated that these kinds of initiatives can help farmers and fishermen have the help they need in a holistic matter. 

Lingap Leads Foundation

This shows that farmers can finally provide a good life for their families and make food more sustainable that can be passed on to the next generations. Initiatives like what Lingap Leads Foundation have is should be emulate by everyone. Because if we take care of our farmers, food security for the future is inevitable. 

You can take part in their initiatives by purchasing their Jackpot Rice and spreading awareness about the foundation. For more information on Lingap LEADS Foundation and how you can support its programs, follow it on Facebook, call +63 917 1546247, or email partnership@lingapleads.org.

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