Sun Wealth Prime 7 in Providing Life Insurance + More Benefits on Investments

Sun Wealth Prime 7

Sun Wealth Prime 7, a new single-pay life insurance plan from Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), aims to provide protection and various other guaranteed benefits.

“The Sun Wealth Prime 7 offers guaranteed benefits such as life insurance protection, regular annual payouts, and has a savings component,” Sun Life Philippines Chief Client Experience & Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong said. “It’s suitable for those looking to build their financial portfolio or for those who simply want to strengthen it.”

Sun Wealth Prime 7

Sun Wealth Prime 7 is designed to help policyholders secure the future of their loved ones by providing life insurance protection for seven years.

Sun Wealth Prime 7

Aside from the guaranteed life insurance benefit, clients can get annual earnings equal to 4% of the single premium paid, starting at the end of the first policy year until maturity. It also serves as a way to preserve wealth, as clients can expect a 100% return of their single premium payment once the policy has matured.

Sun Wealth Prime 7

Moreover, clients can also enjoy hassle-free application and policy approval provided that the limits set by Sun Life are met.

“The Sun Wealth Prime 7 is also perfect for those who are risk-averse but are looking for a better solution than what traditional savings can offer. It’s a good alternative for those looking to preserve their wealth while diversifying their assets,” Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. President Alex Narciso added.

Sun Wealth Prime 7

The Sun Wealth Prime 7 is available for a limited time only. Those interested may contact their Sun Life advisor or get in touch with one via www.sunlife.co/TalkToAnAdvisor. For more information, visit www.sunlife.co/sunwealthprime7.

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