Teacher Eats: Feast ON Bros and Sisters with the NEW set of dishes at Shawarma Bros

When you eat out at BGC, there’s more than just good food and urban artwork that you can find. There’s also “authenticity and creativity” that lies with it. In Shawarma Bros, they’re continually finding ways for them to create dishes that’s fresh, awesome in taste, and convenient. This first quarter of the year, they’re offering new dishes on their menu that you can munch on and add to your new favorite dishes.

With less intro, here’s the NEW DISHES OF SHAWARMA BROS


For starters, they introduced their new Persian/Mediterranean salads and side dishes. They also introduce the new bro-style spiced fries: Shawarma Brotato Fries, topped with a mound of beef shawarma and kadayif then drizzled with our signature cheese sauce. The “Dip Trip” platter is a pita served with hummus, babaganoush, and tzaziki dips; a unusually good appetizer, in a good price. 


Shawarma Brotato Fries.189 pesos


The “Dip Trip” platter . 120 pesos

The new Main dishes of Shawarma Bros is something you can really much into. Their new Persian Fried Honey Butter Chicken is one of my favorite new dishes. Serving it with their own savory biryani rice and kadayif, and fresh greens (to balance your diet hehe) is indeed for me #PerfectCombination.


Persian Fried Honey Butter Chicken. 169 pesos (1 piece).

They also released and upgrade their Classic Rice plates meals with the combination of their own savory biryani rice and kadayif, and choice of chicken, pork and beef kebab.  The taste of this meal is well-balanced, without the overpowered smell of the spices people usually don’t like for a Persian dish. And the best part is you don’t need to spend too much because their price range is from 159 to 179 pesos only. 




Don’t forget their best-seller Shawarma Wraps, now upgrade with more fillings (fresh greens, tomato salsa, beef/chicken shawarma or beef kabab) and choices (basic, French, or burrito.)


And leave some space for dessert with their new special Persian pudding called “Bronana Rice Pudding.” This creamy chilled persian-styled rice pudding, salted caramel and topped with crushed peanuts will surely end the foodtrip with a bang. 


Bronana Rice Pudding. 80 pesos

To top it all up, they also promote the new part of their family: LOCAL DRAFT BEER! As they launched their “Bro Beer Challenge,” they introduced a new line of local draft beer as a best combination for your shawarma and kebab dishes.


So it’s time to make Shawarma Bros your eat-out buddy and not ran out of ideas to have a good food trip with your loved ones. Visit their facebook page www.facebook.com/ShawarmaBros to know more about their menus and updates. You can find them at BGC Stopover, Venice Grand Canal McKinley Hill Taguig, and UP Town Center Katipunan QC.

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