Teacher’s OOTD: Bric’s Celebrates 65 Years of Timeless Italian Travel Bag Design and Exemplary Craftsmanship

One of the family history that I can think of in our clan is this: my father used to work with Italian businessmen. Maybe that’s the reason why we are closed to their culture because I grown loving pastas and other Italian dishes, my father used to take home. More than just the tasty dishes, one thing that we like also about Italy is their good leather goods. Men during my dad’s time will look so classy and rich, just using Italian bags and luggage. No wonder many people never fail to invest for a classic leather bag. It always create statement to any occasion.

For the past 65 years in the business, Bric’s has become a catalyst in enriching the travel experience with its long standing territorial roots and passion in producing fine craftsmanship and manufacturing – as well as attention to detail which has been the centerpiece of Bric’s.image008Bric’s success is founded in its quest to continuously seek for constant development as it navigates to new horizons where research and Heritage, innovation and tradition, functionality and elegance are intertwined and balanced with skilled craft, advanced technology, and interpretation of new trends, creating a perfection fusion between shape, function and design.
For this reason, Bric’s finds itself imprinted in history as the ambassador of Italian style in the world, where it capitalizes on the potential of the global marketplace and at the same time, staying true to its motto “Made in Bric’s”, which represents the philosophy and culture of “Made in Italy.”

Bric's Mix and Match


Ideas and the ability to turn resources into winning products are the main assets of Bric’s, as well as its mastery of creativity in marrying marries innovation and tradition. By observing the perfect blend of functionality and beauty, Bric’s has successfully tackled ambitious projects of well-established style, which continues to be the driving force as it enters new frontiers.

Today, Bric’s mission remains the same as when it started – to become a leader in the luggage and travel bags industry with its products that have become renowned for its image and functionality, and a positive quality/price ratio.
With an established worldwide distribution, Bric’s finds itself in the Philippine soil as it looks to cater Filipino connoisseurs of fine design and craftsmanship when it comes to luggage and travel bags.

Bric's Store Galleria Milan

Bric’s currently has three stores in the Philippines located at SM Aura Premier, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Ayala Center Cebu. Bric’s luxury luggage is distributed in the Philippines by Beawmont Distributions Inc. For more details about the Bric’s collections, visit www.facebook.com/bricsphilippines

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