Teacher Insights: My Second “3rd BDJ Women’s Summit” Experience and More

Teacher Insights: My Second "3rd BDJ Women’s Summit" Experience and More

Filipina nowadays are so powerful, yet gracefully thriving. Seeing myself grow up and meet excellent women along this journey makes me believe that there’s more than just being in this gender than meets the eye. In fact, Filipina CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Influences are now in the rise. And despite of the bumps and criticisms along the way, they knew how to rise above the challenge. That’s why for almost a decade, Belle De Jour (BDJ) are always on the move towards women empowerment and exciting womanhood season through their “bella perks” and power planners & events. 


For this year, nearly 500 participants gathered for the 3rd Women’s Summit recently organized by Viviamo! Inc., the company behind Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner. With the theme “Women Redefined”, this year’s event aimed to equip millennials with encouraging messages from strong female role models who are redefining the society’s standards for women. 

“Our society has constantly bombarded today’s women – especially the millennials – with unrealistic standards regarding beauty and career, making it hard for them to find themselves and lead an authentic life. Through the Women’s Summit, Viviamo! Inc. hopes to empower them as they pursue fulfillment while being true to their identity,” shared BDJ founder Darlyn Ty-Nilo.

At my second summit at BDJ, guests were treated to inspiring talks and fun activities at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier. The day began with a keynote speech by Ty-Nilo, who talked about the importance of claiming one’s success.
“To own up to your success is not a form of bragging, rather a means to realize that all the sweat and tears that you put into your job are making a difference,” she said, adding, “Women should learn to acknowledge their achievements so that they can inspire others to reach for their dreams.”


Meanwhile, Rachel de Villa, co-founder and chief technology officer of Cropital, opened the first plenary session entitled Resilient Females, which focused on overcoming one’s circumstances and maximizing one’s blessings. De Villa shared that she has always considered herself a problem solver, so she developed Cropital when she found the opportunity to help Filipino farmers access financial support. Through Cropital, anyone can provide farmers with funds for proper equipment and training from agriculture experts.


Host Janeena Chan; president of Viviamo, Inc. Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo; PinoyAkoBlog.com author Jover Laurio; co-founder and CTO of Cropital Rachel De Villa; and Viviamo Inc. marketing manager Allyssa Legaspi at the 3rd Women’s Summit held last March 11, 2018 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

For her part, PinoyAkoBlog.com owner Jover Laurio continues to publish critical articles on the country’s political situation, despite the relentless cyberbullying and death threats. Laurio has drawn flak for being outspoken in her fight against fake news.

At the second plenary dubbed Courageous Females, resource speakers talked about living their authentic selves and defying expectations regarding women’s roles in the society. Blu Pingoy, for instance, courageously pursued her dream of becoming a pilot, a job usually taken on by males. With her persistence, Pingoy became one of the first few female commercial pilots in the country.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter and alopecia areata awareness advocate Abby Asistio did not allow the society’s standards to define her. As someone who suffered from alopecia or hair loss at an early age, she encouraged women to embrace their uniqueness and get over their insecurities. “Even if society says kailangan long hair para maging girly ka, eh hindi ako long-haired eh. Dapat manggaling sa sarili ko na, okay lang kahit hindi long hair, maganda pa ako with short hair. Just be open to embracing your own uniqueness.”



Host Janeena Chan; president of Viviamo, Inc. Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo; Singer, TV host and Alopecia Areata advocate Abby Asistio, airine pilot Blu Bingoy; and Viviamo Inc. marketing manager Allyssa Legaspi at the 3rd Women’s Summit held last March 11, 2018 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

Aside from promoting resilience and courage, the summit also stressed the value of paving one’s path and sustaining success in the third plenary session called Resourceful Females, featuring businesswomen Audrey Tangonan and Kathleen Yu.

Starting a business is risky, but Sinaya Cup founder Audrey Tangonan persevered because she believed that her idea can genuinely improve people’s lives. Now, her menstrual cup business has attained massive success locally and internationally.


Host Janeena Chan; president of Viviamo, Inc. Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo; Sinaya cup founder and owner Audrey Tangonan; Rumarocket, Inc. owner Kathleen Yu; and Viviamo Inc. marketing manager Allyssa Legaspi at the 3rd Women’s Summit held last March 11, 2018 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

Kathleen Yu, owner of Manila-based tech start-up Rumarocket Inc., also shared the moving story of her business. From the initial failures, Kathleen resolved to learn from mistakes and bounce back. “As long as I was alive, I could always change and grow and learn and become different,” she said.


These speakers’ thoughts echo the women’s advocacy of Belle De Jour, which has always aimed to empower modern Filipina women by equipping them with knowledge, confidence, and self-appreciation. As Ty-Nilo explains, “We hope to help build a world where women are bound not by societal expectations, but by their vision of who they really want to be.”


The 3rd BDJ Women’s Summit was co-presented by Chinoy TV, Lipault and Sun Life Financial. Major sponsors include Food Panda, Modess, Wacoal, GCash, Style Genie, Biore, Caronia, Celeteque, Cinnabon, Fitness Gourmet, Jergens, Jollibee, Kipling, Liese, MegRhythm, Parisian Shoes and Bags, Serenitea, Zenutrients, Features and Shades, and Award Extremes Inc. Ace Water Spa, Chef Tony, Frankie’s, Goldilocks, and McDonald’s provided loot bags and raffle prizes, while Adobo Magazine, Rappler, and When in Manila served as media partners.

In conclusion, BDJ Women Summit continually grow in terms of women empowerment and making the women thrive in everything they do. Many women don’t usually have this kind of opportunity because of the conformity of this world. But BDJ continually and constantly opening the door to reach every Filipina towards women empowerment and strive to dream big dreams to make it happen.

Visit their website at www.ilovebdj.com/ for more updates and events. You can also visit their social media accounts to know more about being a strong and elegant “bella.”

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