Teacher Reads: OMF Literature opens “Book An Adventure” and “Stuff All You Can Sale!”

Teacher Reads: OMF Literature opens "Book An Adventure" and "Stuff All You Can Sale!"

OMF Literature has been known for publishing Christian Books for a long time. Books from Joshua Harris to Max Lucado is published here in the Philippines under the license of OMF Literature. Now to fully encourage readers to promote Christian book reading, they put up an event called “Book An Adventure” at the OMF Bldg, Boni Mandaluyong City.

They started the event by first having a book launch of “The Secret Story of Shy Shelly” by a newbie author, Ms. Justine Hail. The aim of the event is to encourage kids and kids at heart to read books and promote Christian values to everyone. Especially in our fast-innovative generation where they’re few people out there who doesn’t want to read books anymore.

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After the book launch, “Book an Adventure” opens some activities and workshops that surely all guest will enjoy. There’s “Mobile Photography Workshop” conducted by Ms.Bea Marquez; “Make Your Own Charm Bracelet” for kids; and “Bento Box Making” for moms for the upcoming school year.



(pictures courtesy of OMF Literature Facebook page)


(pictures courtesy of OMF Literature Facebook page)

More than just the activities, OMF releases new books and promos for all the book lovers out there!

OMF Literature opens “Stuff All You Can Sale!” on June 18-20 at OMF Bldg, Boni Mandaluyong City. By just P3000 pesos, you’ll be able to get all the imported titles (from our selected pile) that you can fit into the special OMF Lit bag. (Click here to see the list of books). Just in case you’re not able to join the Stull All You Can promo, you can still get 20% off all local, licensed, and imported books during those dates, including Bibles.


(pictures courtesy of OMF Literature Facebook page)

For more updates and promos, just go to their Facebook page at OMF Literature and to their Instagram and Pinterest Page. Happy Reading!

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