Canadian Manufacturing Launch Spectacular Line of Bed Linens and Baby & Kids Wear 14th Annual Tradeshow

Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing has launched their latest collection of bed linens and bath accessories during their 14th Annual Tradeshow at Sheraton Manila Hotel on September 13-15, 2022.

The leading manufacturer of luxury bed linens, pillows, and towels halted their annual trade show for two years due to mobility and safety restrictions in the country. Inspired by the success of their last exhibit in 2019, this year’s three-day trade show frontlined premium collections from two of Canadian Manufacturing collections: Lifestyle by Canadian and Modern Linens. 

Lifestyle by Canadian showcased its collections of bedsheet, pillow, towels, and accessories from its range of categories such as Cotton USA, Tencel, Sateen, and Pick N’ Go. Modern Linens also revealed its newest plain and printed bed linen collections.

“We are happy to finally be able to showcase our newest collections after two years of hiatus. The lockdowns at the height of the pandemic prompted us to halt trade shows due to the restrictions. As the country slowly returns to normal, Filipinos are eager to resume their halted plans and start anew. The return of our annual trade show also signals a new beginning. Our latest collections are made from high-quality materials sourced across the world. Canadian Manufacturing is inspired to make quality products that will make the everyday lives of Filipinos stylish and comfortable,” Canadian Manufacturing Marketing Director Chan Daryanani said.

Lifestyle by Canadian and Modern Linen: A New Look for Bed Linen Luxury

Canadian Manufacturing

This year’s Lifestyle by Canadian collection of bed linens and accessories boasts an array of classic and elegant variants for its five-bed linen categories: Cotton USA, Sateen, Tencel, Hotel Stripes, and Pick N’Go series.

Dubbed as “the cotton the world trusts”, Cotton USA is designed to be truly-absorbent, highly durable, and contamination-free to give premium quality and comfort that’s a must in every bedroom. The collection features plain and printed designs that will surely bring a touch of elegance and color to the room. For the printed designs, one can choose from tropical patterns namely Miami, Madison, and Montana that come with bright and light tones — and striped designs to bring the warmer side of life and a night of restful sleep.

The Sateen collection is made from 100% cotton, woven with a rich and silky finish that feels soft and gentle to the skin. This collection offers a wide variety of colorful patterns featuring flowers, petals, and colorful tones that guarantees a stylish and cozy bedroom.

The Tencel collection highlights a super soft texture with its natural fiber made from wood pulp, which is widely used in sustainable products. Featuring earth-toned colors such as beige, blue, green, white, pink, and dark gray, these breathable sheets will not just guarantee a modern and comfortable bed space, but have a sustainable living as well.

Canadian’s White Series offers luxurious high-trend counts from the finest yarns and is woven to the highest specification for hotel bedding. With its crisp and clean bedding, it’s designed to give the deluxe feel of hotel living.

The Pick N’ Go collection features quality and breathable bed sheets that are specially designed for everyone who wants to bring the cooler side of life to every bedroom. This collection boasts colorful and beautiful patterns that are affordable.

Canadian Manufacturing also introduces its newest Modern Linen, featuring plain and printed prints made from soft brushed microfiber that offers durability and suppleness. Choose from their earthly tones breathable sheets: Pistachio, Powder Blue, Gray, Safari, and Dew Drop — to colorful and cheerful prints perfect for kids and family.

Comfort Meets Style: Lifestyle by Canadians Pillow and Bed Accessories 

Canadian Manufacturing

Besides providing high-quality bed sheets, Canadian Manufacturing launches its newest blankets and pillows to consider in sprucing up a bedroom.

The company’s Flannel Blanket features two designs: Stripes and Mermaid that will bring seamless styles and comfort to one’s bed.

Kingfisher Pillows offer the perfect amount of fluffiness to achieve that deep and restful sleep. Made with cotton rich fabric filled with premium quality fiber, this high-quality pillow is breathable, hypoallergenic, and easy to wash.

Down alternative pillow is filled with Premium Grade Down Alternative synthetic fiber providing gentle support, maximum loft and softness by its gusset style while still maintaining the pillow’s shape. The fluffy soft fibers, combined together with a 100% cotton cover to maximize smoothness and comfort is recommended for side and back sleepers.

Down alternative duvet pillow is made with high-quality polyester fibers and widely preferred because of its natural hypoallergenic features. It’s soft and has the finest quality of stitching to give a comfortable and reliable sleep all night. The main advantage of duvet filler is that you can use them with a range of covers which are removed and regularly washed. In addition to the cleaning advantage, you can change the look of your bedroom as frequently as you wish.

For those looking for additional comfort, the mattress topper adds layer to a core mattress and also increases the longevity of it. It also helps as protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergen irritants.

A good mattress and pillow is a considerable investment and must be protected to make it last a long time. Thus, our waterproof mattress and pillow cover product is perfect to protect it from domestic accidents like urine, spit-up, sweat, and other bodily fluids that are part of life. A waterproof design ensures that no fluid would ever reach the mattress and pillow, enhancing its hygiene, durability and freshness. Plus, it protects against bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens. A perfect choice for infants, kids, the aged, menstruating women and pets lovers.

Premium Towels Made with High-End Materials

Canadian Manufacturing always wants the best for its market, especially when it comes to feeling refreshed and energized with the great quality and comfort of its products and accessories. For this year’s roster of lifestyle products, the collection features new Lifestyle series: USA, Organic, Pick N Go, Modern Linen, and Basic +.

Canadian Manufacturing

Made with Cotton USA, Canadian’s lifestyle towels are exceptionally soft leaving the skin fresh and clean. This thick and luxurious towel is tapped under Oeko Tex Label, which means the materials are tested for harmful substances and safe for the skin.

Canadian Manufacturing’s Organic lifestyle towels are made from organic combed cotton ideal for those people with sensitive skin. It is highly durable and super absorbent so there’s nothing to worry about harmful chemicals that can damage the skin. For those with allergies and sensitive skin, an Antibacterial towel is the best deal. Made with anti-allergen, it prevents the spread of germs and controls the spread of bacteria that causes odor and discoloration. 

Canadian”s sister company, Hello Dolly also joined its trade show and showcased products such as Sangol and stork for newborn babies, Hello Dolly for toddlers and AztroKidz.

Canadian Manufacturing

As the leading manufacturing distributor of premium bed linen and bath accessories, the company continues to be committed to responding to its market’s needs by offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Lifestyle by Canadian bed linens and towels are now available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit Canadian Manufacturing’s website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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