Effective Lighting Tips for Switching Up your Home’s Atmosphere


Lighting our home and maximizing it goes above and beyond safety and function. Think of it as the missing thing that ties everything together. It forms part of the style and the overall comfort of any home. 

While this is often overlooked by many, Lumina Homes ensures that they marry safety, style, and function in each of the homes they build for Filipino customers.

“We, in Lumina Homes, are committed to going beyond what is expected of an affordable housing community. We will continue to maximize the developments’ potential in providing residents the quality home and life they deserve,” Engr. Joemi Tan, Division Head of Lumina Homes in North Luzon and Mindanao, said.

Now that you’re on a quest to decorate your home and make it truly your own, Lumina Homes has 4 tips for switching up your home with the help of lighting.

Know the different bulb color temperature

Aside from wattage, it’s worth exploring different bulb color temperatures. Choosing the right color temperature might just be what you need to switch up the mood in your home.

You may opt for soft or warm white bulbs if you want a warm and cozy feeling in your home. If you want to give off an energetic feel in your home, you can play around with bright white or daylight bulbs.

Explore multi-purpose light fixture

Try a multi-purpose light fixture if you’re looking to start a minimalist home or if you have limited space. 

When shopping for light and decor pieces, why not hit two birds with one stone by buying a lighting fixture that matches the design you’re gunning for. For example, for a minimalist-looking home, you may want to check out a pendant light or a geometric-shaped chandelier. For study table lighting, you may opt for lamps that double as pen holders or fans. 


Go old school with candles

Candles aren’t just for emergency instances when flashlights aren’t available. 

In fact, they are back in style. When they are lit up, candles bring a sense of comfort–even more so when they are scented. They make your home extra cozy, especially when it’s date night or when you have friends over. Just make sure they are placed away from flammable objects and won’t be left unattended when you light them up.

Clean the windows

Lighting isn’t all about bulbs and fixtures. Your windows can be a huge part of it. To make your house ten times beautiful and homier, whipping down the window might just be the trick you need.

By cleaning your windows and screens, you can let natural light illuminate your home. Opening clean windows also allows fresh air, and the beautiful outdoors come in. This simple trick can instantaneously change the mood and ambiance of any room in the house without breaking the bank. 

For more home improvement tips or to find your dream home, visit https://www.lumina.com.ph/ or follow Lumina Homes on Facebook.

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