Teacher Beauty Finds: Novelina Skincare Line Experience

This Christmas season, it’s easy to tame down and forget all the stressful “to-do-list” you have. But let’s not forget that we have some skin problems we have to solve. Last week, I was introduced to a brand called “Novelina Skincare Line” from Tritan Ventures Inc. and use it for a week. Honestly, I don’t usually review products with poor packaging, but its not good to judge the product based from its appearance. So I want to have give it a chance and see how it goes.

The Skincare Line


I first tried the soap and it was a bit unusual compared to the other soaps. “Novelina’s Ultra Lightening Soap and Polution Shield” contains Gluthatione (master antioxidant), Tres Blanche (works 10x more effective than Kojic Acid), Snail Serum (anti-aging and healing agent) and other natural Bioactive Ingredients (pollution shield).
At first, it was nice using using it with its smooth foam texture. But for sensitive skin like me, it’s foam shouldn’t stay long in my face. The sad part is I’m having breakouts in my skin after use. I can tell because of the too much ingredients that this soap has. On the bright side, the soap does smell good.



Next is the “Novelina Instant Lightening Lotion and Pollution Shield with SPF 25.” This lotion is not harsh compared to the soap. It light-scented and smooth in my skin after application. And with the SPF 25, its easy to use it without the greasy feeling.


And the last one is their “Novelina High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream and Skin Lightening.” It has collagen and snail serum that makes it easy for me to use in my face, after the sting feels of the soap. My skin got a little lift after a week. But because of too much ingredients, I realized that I should not use it too often.


The Verdict

Novelina Skincare Line is promising. The main ingredients are good combination to use for normal/dry skin type. But after a week using it,it made me realized that it is not for sensitive skin type. Too much of everything can be bad in anyone’s skin. So with that, I concluded that Novelina is good skincare line, but not for everyone especially for sensitive skin like me.


Well, don’t take my word for it and tried for yourself. For more info, visit Novelina Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/novelinacosmetics.

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