Teacher Insights: Why you should welcome “OWTO” to your transpo life?

I hate heavy road traffic! If there’s one thing that can ruin me and the rest of Filipino’s day is the traffic of Metro Manila. It destroys punctuality, effectiveness and productivity. Personally, I lose many of my blog events because of traffic. It usually took 2-3 hours in the middle of EDSA just to go to work or go home. If jeepneys, buses, or MRT are not available, I ended up walking on the stressful road just to get to my destinations. Now that’s what you call a “TERRIBLE LIVING.” That’s why I’m thankful that Transportation Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) like “Grab and UBER” came along to help me with this dilemma. However, with all the high payment because of surges and with all the risks and accidents that comes with it, I rather stress myself riding a bus during rush hour than being broke.


With all those sad sentiments we had in our transpo industry makes this new business “OWTO” made. Made from our fellow Filipinos with the same concerns and heart for Filipino commuters, this business aims to blend the same service of the usual TNVS apps, but with a Filipino taste. With their tagline “, they offer some features that is nothing compare to other apps:

  • More affordable and fairer transpo fares
  • Silent Distress Signal (more safe)
  • Accurate Complaint System (for both passengers and drivers)
  • Senior Citizen and Student Discount
  • Very Special Discount for PWD


And because this business is Filipino-owned and by heart, Drivers will have these benefits:

  • Better Take Home Pay
  • Reasonable assignment of trips
  • Simpler TNVS system
  • Health and Insurance Benefits
  • Localize Approach
  • Fair and more accurate complaint system


As of this moment, they’re still waiting for the GO SIGNAL from LTFRB while completing all requirements and other settlements before they launch the business. But as a Filipino brand, what they expect to aim this 2018 is make all those benefits and plans for both passengers and drivers be implemented. To give Filipinos a more affordable and safer choice for transportation. For more updates about OWTO, just visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/owtophl/

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