Teacher Insights: Marriott Manila continuous to join Brigada Eskwela

Marriott Manila paints the town with joy and hope during the Brigada Eskwela 2017 at Philippine School for the Deaf. Known for their company’s core value called, “Spirit To Serve”, the hotel exchanged their workloads for brushes and brooms to take care of the community. The charity work is part the global Marriott Associate Appreciation Week to celebrate the 90th  anniversary of its founding.

Photo 1

Marriott Manila associates does “I Love You” hand sign as they promote their “Take Care” initiative for the community

At least 30 associates volunteered in this meaningful maintenance work. Picking up the buckets from the successful rehabilitation work last year, wherein they painted elementary building hallways, pavement gutters and gate fences; they focused on refurbishing the Kindergarten learning facilities.

Photo 2

Marriott Manila associates living it up to their core value of “Spirit To Serve”, as they join again the Brigada Eskwela at the Philippine School for the Deaf.

Photo 3

Marriott Manila Executive Committee turnover proceeds from their Christmas fundraising activity to fund the mock-up hotel project in the school. (From top, L-R) Marc Creencia, Director of Engineering; Kate Ona, Director of Revenue Management; Bruce Winton, General Manager; Rosalie Condes, Principal and Irish Casaljay, Guidance Counselor of Philippine School for the Deaf Principal; Marcia Garza, Director of Human Resources.

They repainted the 2-storey building that looked good as new now with kid-friendly illustrations around the hallways. From grimy and old, it turned to a brighter, more fun and inspiring learning space. Marriott Hotel Manila certainly knows how to make good brilliant.

Photo 15

Newly repainted kindergarten facilities of the Philippine School for the Deaf now have kid-friendly paintings for an inspired learning environment

Joining other Brigada volunteers, General Manager Bruce Winton said “We are happy to support schools prepare for the opening of classes”. The hotel has participated in the Brigada Eskwela since it opened in 2009. Aside from the repairs, Marriott Manila also pledged to fund the reconstruction of their dormitories to a possible mock-up hotel that will serve as training facilities for students. Who knows in your next visit to Marriott, a deaf associate is taking care of your needs? Clearly possible with Marriott Manila’s outstanding brand values.

Photo 5

Associates poured out their creativity and dedication on every stroke and illustration for a more inspired learning place.

Photo 12

Marriott Manila associates posed with the students of the Philippine School for the Deaf.

To know more on Marriott’s spirit to serve activity visit www.manilamarriott.com.

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