Teacher’s Reflection: For the Voters Out There

Teacher's Reflection: For the Voters Out There


I can’t believe that after all the noise and chaos we had in a past few weeks, most of us are will practice our power to vote. And somehow I can’t sleep to the fact that I am doing my part as well. I was struggling to find the right words because I can’t believe in what I can do. Until I become a teacher and let God revealed the BIG picture of my reason. 

Way back high school I knew that I can do something that most people don’t believe that I can, to be a TEACHER. But I was a victim of the system like any other average kids with a lot of doubts and insecurities in their baggage. And since then, I learned to be content of being small and voiceless towards change. I never learn how to thrive academically nor do my best to strive in excellence because my mindset before is that if I continue to do that, I would gain a lot of enemies in my school and just adding them to my miseries in life. Because we are all threaten in many ways. We feared so much, we tend to give in and dragged people down so we won’t get lost. 

Years until I become a teacher, I’m still carrying those skeletons in my baggage. I learned not to fight because basically, no one told me to fight a good fight. And it scares me because the fact that I’m facing my students; the next generation of world changers who’s looking at the way I live and how I vote later on, they will see me as incompetent. Because I refuse to stand firm at my young age; I let myself be dragged on and not be excellent, I know that the ones who will suffer for my bad decisions in life is not just me, IT’S THE NEXT GENERATION. 


In the midst of my emotional rough and depression, I found love in a sweetest encounter with Jesus Christ and things became clearer and new than ever before. I became hungry for change not because I want to escape, but I want God to do extraordinary in my life. I want Him to use me to be an instrument of change for my generation that I failed to do before. And now as a teacher, I know that God had opened that door for me to minister to the students about their purpose and lead them to do the same. 

For some of you, you’ll be thinking “what is the connection of my story with the elections?” Well the matter is this: 


The way we vote and the purpose why we vote affects not just ourselves but the next generation as well. Most of us were came to a conclusion that all politicians are all corrupt and deceitful. And the way we see our social media nowadays are so viral and fearful because a lot of people have PERSPECTIVE about their candidates. We use these tools to speak our minds and be heard because our perspective MATTERS. But instead of making good things about it, for some, they used it for selfish and unhonorable reasons that leads to broken relationships and lack of unity as people of this nation. Young people watches us and no matter how hard to believe it, we are actually leading them. And in this season, it’s hard to listen to the right voice,isn’t it? 

Just like Pastor Joey Bonifacio said, “it’s an act of arrogance to say that we have the right choice and not them, because we tend to act like God, deceivefully make decisions for other people and not practice their own rights”. All of us have our own concience and rights to do things, but not all of us know how to do it righteously and pleasing according to God’s ways. And the sad part is, we tend to bash against other people, flaunt their faults thru social media and say bad things about them instead of blessing and pray for them. Is this the right way we lead the next generation? Is this what we want them to grow up with? 

This coming elections, I’m not here to tell you what is right and wrong nor tell you what to do and bash about it. I want to you to see God’s perspective and set your eyes to the One who’s sovereign and just to do miraculous things in our nation. We are not Gods to decide what we can do to our candidates and what they shall do to us. It is God alone who has the power and authority to turn things around and make changes happen no matter who will serve our country. Many kings, rulers, presidents had passed, but “His Word will never pass away” (Matt 24:35). We may have a lot of plans and good ideas in our lap, but “every decision is from the Lord” (Proverbs 16:33). And whoever will sit on those government seats, I know that the will of the Lord will “fulfill His purpose for me and you” (Psalms 138:8). 

So what shall we do then?

-Get a RIGHT PERSPECTIVE of why you are you voting?

-Pray for who will you vote (cried out to the name of the Lord if necessary);

-Vote with concience, not in conforming ways of the world; and

-Pray without ceasing for your families, friends, future leaders and for the NEXT GENERATION. 

God has been so faithful in using me to lead the next generation. Just like I heard before, “success without the successor is nothing”. We need to take charge to lead the next generation and lead with them so that God can supernaturally turn all things for good and for them to succeed in life. I don’t want to let them experienced what I did before nor lead a reckless, selfish kind of leaders. Let us be the salt and lights and together lets strive for change. For the country, for His glory. Pro deo et Patria. 



For the next generation, you too can make a mark be an instrument for change. As much as we are, GOD BELIEVES IN YOU ALSO to become a world shakers, world changers of your generation. And it starts with one act of faithfulness, one big decision to commit and one full focus & obedience to the Lord’s commandments and will. 

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