Teacher Beauty Finds: Beauty in Bloom with Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection

Teacher Beauty Finds: Beauty in Bloom with Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection

Every Filipino woman wants to have a skin like this: a skin that’s soft, flawless and youthful. Filipinos have those qualities and it runs through our blood (just look at my beautiful mom and how many times she accidentally looked more like my sister 😉 ). But not all of us are blessed to have that kind of skin. Whether it’s a hormonal, genetic or environmental, many of us has our own skin problems we need to fix. Due to the wide variety of skin care products around the metro, both local and international, we tend to hop in from one skin product to another, without knowing the risks and consequences of this negligence in our part. As a busy teacher/blogger/church servant/runner, I used to be in that scenario where I just buy products that I think will suit me. Sometimes I even get to the point of conforming to those commercial ads and go with it.

Well thank God for media, “Healthy Skin Magazine” has arrived rescue us to this dilemma. This magazine was first in the Philippines and it’s designed to enlighten the readers on trends and advancement in dermatology and cosmetology. More than just giving you skin product endorsements and facts, this magazine aims to educate us about beauty fads, products & treatments  non-invasive and clinically-approved. And to make things fun and engaging for all readers, they also have segments to their magazine that are worth reading and sharing.

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It was 21st of November at Stacy’s BGC where people from media (including bloggers like me) we’re invited to an event that showcased the heart and vision of this magazine with a special treat. In partnership with Skin Perfection Philippines, one of the leading dermatology brands in the Metro, the event is filled with a lot of beauty info and perks for all the participants.


Pictures courtesy by Healthy Skin Philippines Facebook Page.


Pictures courtesy by Healthy Skin Philippines Facebook Page


Pictures courtesy by Healthy Skin Philippines Facebook Page.

During the talk with Dr. Claudia Samonte, I was enlightened to some skin care info every woman should do with their skin. I may not be a type of woman who’s vain to their skin regime, but I realized that these info are essential:

  • ALWAYS rely to a dermatologist in every skin care inquiries and recommendations (especially to those serious skin issues.)
  • For skin problems, consult your doctor and don’t ever “self-medicate” the case.
  • Follow the recommendations and do some “follow-ups” to your derma for more inquiries and improvement check-ups.

After the doctor’s session, I was blessed to try Skin Perfection’s “Oxygen Facial Treatment” as a volunteer. During the skin procedure, I felt the procedure reacting well in my skin. And since their products are non-invasive and safe, my facial session ended well. My skin looks fresh, relaxed and soft after the procedure. And more than that, the serums that they put is not harsh and fragrant-free. Safe for sensitive skin. 




The event is filled with wonderful experience and learnings for us to bring home. Thanks, Healthy Skin Magazine for the invite and may the beauty of your being be in full bloom always. 


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