Teacher Eats: Experience the Spanish Taste at La Barra MNL

I don’t usually go to places to eat out. The usual spectrum I had is BGC and Makati area (even our own canteen business). But because of blogging, I was able to taste the dishes from around the world without a passport. Let’s start with Spain. Being colonized for 400 years, the culture and the taste buds of Spanish people literally grown to every generation like us. We can’t neglect the fact that their food marked in every Filipino people.


Here in Marikina City, there are many food parks and restaurants that you can look forward to. Located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from Our Lady Of The Abandoned Parish (OLA) and just next to the Shoe Museum, there’s a food park that serves Spanish dishes that both culture and taste can appease. You might see the other famous food park on social media as attractive and hype, but Tableria FoodPark can sure bring the flavor out.


One of the food stalls that caught my attention is the La Barra MNL. Owned by two good friends Jose Mari Javier and Jonathan Mark Ngo, their passion for Spanish food reflects the way they cooked their dishes. It offers Spanish dishes and is best known for their different Paella offerings. As a kid who loves paella, this definitely the place to be. They serve different Paellas with different baked mussels, good for your Spanish flavor experience.


photo courtesy of Paula Cabildo.

My favorite dishes from their menu is the “Croquetas PHP88,” “Baked Mussels PHP150” and the best-seller “Paella Negra PHP330 (medio).”


photo courtesy of Paula Cabildo

The croquetas are one of my favorites in all the croquetas I ever ate. It’s crispy on the outside and soft, tasty on the inside. La Barbra’s version is made from creamy Béchamel sauce loaded with bacon bits and cheese. That’s why it’s not your usual potato croquetas. The secret sauce is a good combination for the croquetas.


photo courtesy of Paula Cabildo

The combination of both baked mussels and melted cheese is best paired with any paellas of  La Barra. The Paella Negro is my favorite paella. For only 330 in medium size, it’s easy to feed 3 people and fill them with paella love. 


photo courtesy of Paula Cabildo.

So I must admit, not all food inside a food truck tastes good. You can only see food from stalls that’s tasty and affordable when you open your mind to new things.  And I hope you consider  La Barra MNL as one of the Spanish stall that you will visit soon.

You can visit their social media accounts www.facebook.com/LaBarraMNL/ and www.instagram.com/labarramnl/ for more updates and know more about their menus and promos.

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