Teacher Insights: My “Top 10 Summer Essentials Wishlist” you can find at Shopee PH

As a woman with “too much with her plate,” I need to be committed to making sure that all things will flow well into my busy daily grind. Maybe because I don’t usually wander around the mall to buy my stuff because of two reasons: lack of time and costly goods. As this society move faster than my childhood days, so did I. I need to be on the move always.

But here’s the thing: I WANT TO HAVE A VACATION TOO! Sandy beach, cool waves, salty water and peaceful vibe; that’s my ideal vacation with all this summer heat. And what stresses me out is to find the stuff I need inside the mall. So I need to brave the traffic and make sure that I will squeeze all the extra time I have to buy those stuff. That’s so traditional and stressful in one.


Photo courtesy from Marianne Domingo.

That’s why for this year, I want to be WISER and SLEEK in my shopping experience. I want to find my summer essentials that fit well with my requirements: QUALITY, CONVENIENCE, and AFFORDABILITY. For 2 years, Shopee has influenced me (in a good way) towards easy, convenient and affordable online shopping experience. I might fall into convulsive shopping sometimes, but I learn how to manage after many attempts.

Capture 14

For your references, I would like to share my top 10 Shopee wishlist for summer bonanza this 2018. This might not convince you, but this stuff in the list (i believe) can help you crush the summer season:

1. YI Lite Action Camera with waterproof case (Black) (https://shopee.ph/yitechnology)

Capture 3 You don’t need to believe why I choose this brand. But all Millenials like me would probably believe that we need an action cam that’s waterproof and can capture clear and excellent shots/videos. An action cam is a necessary tool for those who want to have memories below the water or capture action shots of your surfing/swimming/playful activities on the water.


2. Puritan’s Pride Hair Skin & Nails Formula 60 caplets (https://shopee.ph/puritansprideph)

Capture 5
This summer, you will do a lot of things under the sun. This caplet could be the next good thing that will happen in your summer life. It has a wide array of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts including Collagen, Niacin, and Biotin that support the health and beauty of your hair, skin, and nails. Good for skin recovery.

3. Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF50 (https://shopee.ph/beloessentials)

Capture 6
Sunscreen/sunblock should be the “MUST” in our summer essentials. Good thing that Belo created a product that can make the “light, less oily feeling” possible. This sunscreen and anti-aging mist for the face and body effectively provides superior broad-spectrum against harmful UV rays. Want to avoid sunburn? Don’t forget to put your sunblock.

4. MFSunnies #3001 Sunnies | Metal Frame | UV Protection (https://shopee.ph/mfsunnies)

Capture 7
Having a pair of these can make your IG shots more classy and on fleek. More than a fashion statement, it can help our eyes protect from UV rays. So it is possible to have both fashion and protection in one.

5. Zenutrients Aloe Vera Shampoo + Aloe Vera Conditioner (https://shopee.ph/zen.beauty)

Capture 8
This summer, don’t forget to be natural with what you apply to your skin. Zenutrients products have a good reputation in making products that can seals in moisture in our locks for smoother healthier hair. With all the heat and humid our hair can absorb, you need an Aloe Vera to refresh and restore moisture to our hair. For more beautiful hair day ahead under the sun.

6. Be Organic Papaya Bearberry Soap (https://shopee.ph/beorganic_bathandbody)

Capture 9
Since we want to have healthy “crowning glory,” let’s continue that way to our skin as well. This soap has the highest and purest ingredients that whiten and nourishes skin. Contains papaya enzyme which reduces dark spots from acne, blackheads, and pimples. Combined with Bearberry extract, one of the most powerful skin lighteners. So if you want to maintain your fair skin (like I always do), this soap is for you

7. Royqueen Meenee Bluetooth Speaker (https://shopee.ph/royqueenph)

Capture 10
I want to have my summer filled with “good-vibes” music. That’s why a waterproof, and long-lasting Bluetooth speaker is a must. This Bluetooth speaker is a small but powerful speaker that can provide extreme sound and quality. It is known for its size and portability while providing clear and crisp sound that can be easily heard. Perfect for my summer jams.

8. Yoobao A2 Slim 20000maH Powerbank (https://shopee.ph/yoobaoph)

Capture 11
With all the IG photoshoots and music sound trips, you need a “backup” for your cell phone battery and it should have a larger capacity to charge more than 2 gadgets. Powerbank can save us from all the hassle and stress of being “social media outdated” (especially if you’re on a remote island.)

9. Phone Cases Waist Pack Protector Waterproof Pouch (https://shopee.ph/yikun.ph)

Capture 12
One of the worst thing that can happen to us during our vacation is this: broken cellphones because we drop it on the pool/beach. Having a waterproof pouch with us can be a lifesaver not just for our phones but to all of us. We have to make sure that we will spend summer, free from broken gadgets or wet possessions.

10. Ocean Pack (https://shopee.ph/carlynn)

Capture 13
Since we’re too concern to protect their phones, might as well do it to the rest of your stuff. Ocean pack is a backpack that you should have if you want to hop on the beach stress-free; knowing that all of your stuff will be well-protected from getting wet.

Well, the list might be long and specific. But with the wise advice of friends and Shopee, you will never go wrong with your choices. Now go and shop on!

And here’s a surprise for you.

If you’re not convinced yet with Shopee, I want to give you the chance to try this shopping app firsthand with a sweet, loving treat courtesy of yours truly. I invite you to check out https://shopee.ph/ your browser (You can also download the app on google play or AppStore through your phone). Use this code as your “promo code” for you to avail the FREE PHP80 OFF for your FIRST PURCHASE.



The voucher can be used on all Shopee guarantee products. A minimum spends of PhP400 is required.

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